Yoga Nidra Network

June 2021 to January 2023. Content management, digital marketing and a social campaign for an international education and wellness brand.

Managing editor, print

I was managing editor for Nidra Shakti: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Yoga Nidra. This 768 page book, to be released in print, eBook, and audiobook formats, draws together over 30 years of research into a groundbreaking interdisciplinary text aimed firmly at a general readership. Editing this book was a real honour: it's the result of decades of innovation and community-building by one of the first female yoga teachers to gain a global following, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

I collaborated with Uma on every part of the publishing process, working within the indie press wing of her organisation. I managed a varied team of contributors, academics, thought leaders, editors and sub-editors across North America, Europe and South Asia.

The book contains large-scale clinical meta-analysis, ethnographic, historical and feminist writing, personal interviews, and practical guidance for teachers and facilitators. Our goal was to structure, edit, and present all of these materials for a general readership, in the most accessible and marketable way possible.

Social strategy; digital copywriting and copyediting

I worked on a major marketing overhaul, taking the lead on content and digital community, and consulting on digital more widely. With a focus on retention in an already loyal client base, I worked across teams on best practice for product content and content marketing, while editing and drafting copy for use across channels.

I also expanded the organisation’s social media reach, creating an acquisition-oriented strategy for Instagram with a new visual identity and ToV. I established new guidelines for accessibility and maximising engagement across channels, and worked on a new visual identity and £40k website update.

Alongside this work, I coordinated the indie press wing of the organisation with the marketing and editorial teams at Hay House, one of the largest specialist publishers in the global wellness sector. I also contributed content design and copywriting for digital and in-person courses and their respective digital campaigns.