Yoga Teachers Union launch

February 2021. Media relations, content strategy and digital editorial for a groundbreaking new organisation. Worked with journalists, producers and key opinion leaders across the UK and in France, North America and South Asia.

Media relations and PR

I led the organisation's launch and a parallel awareness campaign. In the UK, I secured and coordinated positive coverage in The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, BBC News, BBC Radio and beyond, including specialist and community publications like Eastern Eye, Asian Voice and Om Yoga Magazine. I also worked closely with selected new media platforms, online communities and key opinion leaders to build a huge digital presence.

The national launch was so successful that we began fielding international media queries; I guided the team through a strategic pivot, and secured more positive coverage with interviews in Le Monde, and on Canadian breakfast TV, and in the Bangladeshi national press. We also received positive coverage in Indian press and new media, and continue to be used as a reference point in US and other Anglosphere digital media.

Socials, copywriting, editing

Before, during and after the organisation’s launch I led on strategy and editorial for messaging, ToV, and content. This was across all platforms and channels and also included cross-platform social strategy, content writing, ghostwriting and 121 coaching in the team.

I also led processes to create messaging, ToV, engagement strategy and accessibility guides, which continue to be used in press releases, a broad range of social content, website copy, interviews and print materials.

This work contributed to a dramatic reshape in awareness of and attitudes towards sexual harrassment and working conditions in the extensive UK yoga industry. Some of these shifts can also be observed in various places across the wellness sector globally.