Jan 23 – ongoing. Content design, management and strategy

for one of the world’s most respected mental health platforms.

Mind is the UK's leading provider of mental health information content. I oversee all content for young people on a site that receives 1.9 million monthly views.

Working in-house, I commission, edit and manage a range of information content products for young people. I maximise reach and growth by tracking, analysing and building strategy around a broad spectrum of digital metrics. I also lead on SEO, UX and tone of voice.

Mind's content principles set the standard for the industry. All products are accredited to the highest external standards. I work with experts to maintain and push beyond these standards; we bring content to the cutting edge of readability, inclusivity and accessibility.

In line with content design best practice, I plan and manage extensive multi-phase user research and product testing with 11-25 year olds.